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the great taste in soy burgers

  • Bounty Burgers are the yummy and realistic vegan burgers for everyone!
  • Bounty Burgers are great for vegans and vegetarians because they are a high protein source!
  • Bounty Burgers are ideal for slimming and for those who want to cut back on fats and cholesterol.
  • Bounty Burgers 90 gm patty is only 397 kJ or 95 calories!
  • Bounty Burgers are pre-cooked and only need a bit of oil to quickly pan fry or barbeque or pop frozen into the toaster!
  • Serve Bounty Burgers at all your barbeques – delicous and satisfying – your guests may not even notice that they're not eating meat! Loved by meat eaters as well as vegans, Bounty Burgers are bridging the gap.
  • Bounty Burgers are kind to your your body, the planet and our animal friends.
  • Bounty Burgers for the world – because the world is meant to be bountyfull!

Approved by the Vegan Society NSW

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